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No. of households per State

Coming soon

IDC has recently placed an order for NSS round 66. As soon as we receive our order, the data will be made available to download.

India Data Centre

The India Data Centre (IDC) is a resource for researchers who use Indian statistical data. The IDC provides a central point from which London School of Economics staff and students can access data, value added resources, and selected publications. Much of the material provided is available to all visitors to the IDC website, though some datasets are restricted to LSE users due to licensing conditions.


IDC is primarily focused on providing access to micro-level data from socio-economic studies. IDC currently holds two major schedules of the National Sample Survey (NSS), the Annual Survey of Industries (ASI) and the Principle Census Abstract of the 2001 Census of India. In addition to these popular studies IDC provides access to other high-quality data sources. 

To get a full overview of data sources held by IDC please browse our website, or run a more detailed search through our catalogue. 


All data held by IDC has been formatted and labelled for ease of use (.dta, Stata). Additional resources, such as codebooks, will become available in addition to the support documentation provided by the data supplier. All formatting files and additional support documentation created by IDC are available for download by all users. Data users not covered by LSE’s license can benefit from the formatting files by using them with their own licensed data to significantly reduce the time needed to prepare data for analysis.


In addition to data and resources, IDC also provides links to selected publications. Publications found under ‘research’ use one or more of the data sources held by IDC.